Sunday, August 21, 2011

Making reversal candles

August here in Sweden is Crayfish time. We have  parties in the warm evenings to celebrate the start of the crayfishing, feasting on Crayfish and singing. Colorful lamps light up the august darkness.

In Hoodoo the crayfish is sometimes used as a reversing curio, because they walk backwards. Therefor I thought this was a wonderful time to show how to make your own reversing candles. In these parts of the world it can sometimes be hard to find them ready made, but it is  easy enough to do them yourself.

For the reversal candles you need some single color candles. And one black candle. You need a empty tin, that is higher then half the length of the longest of your candles, a wooden skewer can be good, a knife. And a saucepan that you aren't afraid to get melted stearin in.
Scrape the black candle, so you get little shavings of stearin. It is good if they are approximately the same size.
 The tin is going to be in a double boiler with water. Don't use to much water in the pan.

 Put the pan on the stove and heat up water, use some already warm water, but not boiling, in the tin and place the shavings in on top. Place the tin in the pan. And let the shavings melt.

 When all the shavings are melted take the pan of the heat and start dipping the candles. Dip half way up. For half way reversals, and all the way down, just leaving the top part red for black over red reversal candles.

Take each candle once, letting the candle cool down a bit before the next dipping.

Finished Candles

The top candle, is used to reverse all types of work. If curses has caused you to loose life's blessings this candle can be used to reverse that.

The second, Black over green candle is used when your money or business success have been crossed.

The third half red, half black candle is used when you are cursed in love matters.

The all over black over red is used in all types of
reversal work.

How to use a reversal candle 

I'm going to show how to use a reversal candle, using  money curse reversing as an example.

When you want to use a reversal candle you start with taking the wick end of and carving a new wick from the bottom. Actually reversing the candle.

Write your enemies name in reverse writing, or mirror writing, on the black part of the candle and your own name in normal writing on the green part of the candle. Dress the black part of the candle with reversing oil stroking the candle away from you while turning toward where your enemy lives. State that all the evil works of N.N be returned unto them and may they have all the bad money luck that the had cast unto you. Use your left hand to dress the green half of the candle drawing towards you while stating that all the money that you lost because of N.N will come to you etc

Take a pocket mirror that you don't look in.
Make a cone of Reversing incense powder (the incense powder in the top picture is from Lucky Mojo Curio Company).
Light the candle and place it on the mirror, light the incense.
Sprinkle crab shell powder, or crayfish powder in a counter clockwise circle around the candle.

May all the good things that have been withheld because of your enemies be received unto you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The making of a Chapel

Trolldomskapellet, a Chapel to celebrate the native magical tradition and the spirits we serve, has been under construction for the last month.

The new chapel building has gone from a shed filled with debris to a beautiful traditional red clean and consecrated house. On Saturday the 23 Juli the chapel was consecrated by three chapel workers myself, Miss Benedikte and Dr Johannes.

It was blessed with signerier, incense, candleburning and flowers. As I went to pick some flowers for the ceremony I found four four-leaf clover. A very lucky blessing for the Chapel.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The homepage has now been translated into Norwegian!
Many thanks to Mr Pål for his help with the translation.

Trollkunnig in Norwegian

Monday, July 18, 2011

Visit at The Root Doctor

This Saturday morning I decided to make a visit to The Root Doctor.
For those who don't know The Root Doctor office is located in the deep forests of Värmland right by the foot of the great mountain Ransberg (Literary meaning is the berg of Ran!)
Indeed a name that conjures up my thoughts of mysterious places.

The road up to the doctors office goes right past the mighty river Klarälven, so even the drive there was quite spectacular. As you drive past the mansion of Ransberg and passes the old smith house on your right side with a small lake on your left, it feels like you have traveled back in time, to an age were conjure doctors were as common in our countries as they are in most of the rest of the world.

As a drive closer to the house on the winding road I see colorful prayer flags high up in the air, as if to greet me. Nd I know I have reached a magical place, by the roadside I even see an old wooden statue with striking eyes. I can tell it's been there for a very long time, guarding the place.

Then the two wonderful conjure doctors come out to great me.
I'll tell you about the doctors first out are Miss Benedikte, she is warm and kind, and when in her presence you know you are in the company of magical power. She tells me about her many different altars as she points them out, one more strikingly then the other. As the high trees and the deep forest are all around us, I get the feeling that the whole yard is a church, sacred space, out in the nature. Dr Johannes comes out from the office to great us. He has probably been busy with work for one of their clients. These two workers are highly sort after, and I'm grateful that they take some time out of their busy schedule to spend time with me.

The office is large and the walls are filled with spiritual supplies. There are candles of all sorts and lucky mojo supplies, as well as the Root Doctors own custom-made supplies on the tables.

Dr Johannes shows of his Spiritus.
A spiritus is a magical spiritual object highly sought-after in the old days, and perhaps even today. For the clients who long to own such a special and enchanted object, The Root Doctors are actually able to craft them for you. There are strong power in these spirituses, although they might not look much to the world, for untrained eyes at least.

As we head over to the house we walk into the forests for a while, there is a natural sacred natural spring only a few meters from the house.

Tools of the trade

Here are some of the tools and supplies used by the two Root Doctors, since the doctors work in both Scandinavian Trolldom tradition and African-American Hoodoo the implements of their trade is varied. Some tools we see here are for example Miss Benediktes divinatory tools, among her many other skills, she is also skilled in the traditional technique of stöpa. When you do stöpa you pour a liquid such as tin in water, this causes shapes to form. These forms are then read in a traditional method to see what is ailing the client.

There is lots too see at The Root Doctor, especially since Trolldomskapellet, literally the Chapel of Trolldom, has opened this week. It is temporarily set up in another house, since the chapel is undergoing some renovation work. I'll tell you more about that in another post.

They sell all kinds of candles
"And see I will be with you, till the end of time"
Herbs, roots & minerals
Beautiful Mexican flags adorn the office

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swedish translation

I have now translated most of the page on the page to Swedish.
Here is one about divination or spådom as we call it in Swedish.

I hope many of my former clients appreciate the opportunity to book a reading at a much lower rate than what they pay if they call a psychic hot-line.

Flying Rowan

I have been out taking pictures of flying Rowan for a homepage I wrote.

Here is the page: Flying Rowan

When I was out I also found some lovely flying black-currant, and thought I'd share some pictures.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tibast - Daphne mezereum

An important plant in the Trolldom tradition is the Daphne Mezerum.
It is said that Valerian root and Daphne combined will protect against all evil.
I recently discovered that my favourite place for gathering tibast has been dug up.

They have instead planted two new lovely flowerbeds. Fortunatly, I have enough to last for
a while and I do know of other places nearby.